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Threat Modeling: Grow your practise

Threat Modeling: Prioritise and fix

REPL Driven Design

Threat Modeling: Brainstorm threats

Diamond interface composition in Go 1.14

Threat Modeling: Explain and Explore

Branching Patterns: Future Branch

Preparing for a threat modeling session

Branching Patterns: Experimental Branch

A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers

Fatih’s question

Branching Patterns: Release-Ready Mainline

Branching Patterns: Release Train

Branching Patterns: Hotfix Branch

Branching Patterns: Environment Branch

Branching Patterns: Maturity Branch

Branching Patterns: Release Branch

Branching Patterns: Reviewed Commits

Mid-stack inlining in Go

Branching Patterns: Continuous Integration

Bliki: KeystoneInterface

Branching Patterns: Integration Frequency

Branching Pattern: Feature Branching

Inlining optimisations in Go

Branching Pattern: Mainline Integration

Branching Pattern: Healthy Branch

Branching Pattern: Mainline

Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches

Go Developer Survey 2019 Results

Refactoring: This class is too large

A Little More Clojure

A Little Clojure

A New Hope

photostream 123

Go, the Go Community, and the Pandemic

go test -v streaming output

A new Go API for Protocol Buffers

Go 1.14 is released

The Zen of Go

Next steps for

Proposals for Go 1.15

Dynamically scoped variables in Go

Scaling and the Friction of Dimension

The Simulation Argument and the Simulation Barrier

Announcing the 2019 Go Developer Survey a new hub for Go developers

Open Letter to the Linux Foundation

Go Turns 10

Go Modules: v2 and Beyond

What They Thought of Programmers.


Socio-Technical Seeing

Don’t force allocations on the callers of your API

Why Clojure?

Go compiler intrinsics

Why won't it...

Clear is better than clever

Sydney High Performance Go workshop

Classes vs. Data Structures

Constant Time

Types and Tests

737 Max 8

Prefer table driven tests

Absolute Unit (test)

Eliminate error handling by eliminating errors

FP vs. OO List Processing

We, The Unoffended


The Tragedy of Craftsmanship.

Too Clean?

Integers and Estimates

Pickled State

Craftsman, Craftswoman, Craftsperson